Our experts have monetized over 10,000 high-tech patents in the last five years including sale, licensing, patent loans.


More than ever before, today’s high tech business must ensure that its patent strategy is in complete lock step with its business strategy.


Strengthen and protect your business by investing in intellectual property. To maximize your portfolio benefits, proactive patent and technology acquisition is a critical tool.

Leveraging Patent Brokerage and IP Monetization is key for many high tech companies to unlock highly profitable revenues from their IP, Patents and Technology. This means an effective development and execution of Technology M&A, Patent Acquisition, Research, Patent Valuation, and Patent Monetization strategies. Kanzatec focuses on patent and product strategies that deliver you greater business success.

The Patent Monetization Opportunity

The Evolving Innovation Monetization Landscape

The increased visibility of patents and their substantial potential to add to the company’s top and bottom lines has placed patent strategy and execution directly in the critical path of the critique of your investors, board, shareholders and executives.

This has fueled a demand for well conceived and executed 21st century patent strategies that truly deploy patents as a strategic business asset designed to maximize business success. Patent Monetization such as via Patent Sales is one such use, as is Patent Licensing and using your Patents as Collateral to raise funding.

Patents, which bestow invention rights to their owners, can help their business success through the ability to Block the competition, Create a revenue stream from sale or licensing, Negotiate cross-licenses and Defend business operation.