Fas Mosleh SVP of IP M&A

Fas Mosleh is a veteran silicon valley executive who has launched over a hundred high tech products, managed a billion dollar P&L, founded the Hewlett-Packard Venture Fund, and invested over three billion dollars in equity, M&A and IP since 1993.

Fas is senior vice president at Kanzatec IP Group, an innovation monetization M&A firm. He has acquired and divested over 10,000 patents and helped Kanzatec transact tens of millions of dollars of transactions since 2011. He has developed Fortune 500 patent monetization strategies including acquisition and sale programs. Previously, he was vice president of acquisitions at Intellectual Ventures, managing the worldwide acquisitions team and director of W-W patent sales at Hewlett-Packard, where he implemented patents sales of multi hundred million dollars.

Fas developed business, corporate and product strategies at IBM, HP, Agilent, Kodak, Avago and venture funded companies with operational management experience spanning enterprise IT, software, imaging, mobile, and electronics. Fas has raised hundreds of millions dollars of funding for new businesses.

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