TrillionIP is Kanzatec’s Technology Scouting Program

Focused on finding the most relevant technologies, companies and IP for several Global 1000 clients.

What G1000 Companies Want

Kanzatec represents several G1000 companies who are constantly looking for innovative high tech solutions to augment their own products and R&D via Open Innovation. On behalf of these clients, we are scouting for technologies in the silicon valley and beyond.

What We Do

Several clients are specifically seeking to establish connection and explore innovative companies in silicon valley. We facilitate this by developing relationships with such companies to understand their team, technology, products, vision and strategy to see how it may be a strategic fit for our clients.

What Smaller Companies Get

Smaller technology companies may benefit from this program through the monetization of their technology or business, or by investment:

  • Strategic investment
  • Form a strategic partnership (JV, investment or pure development or sales relationship)
  • License or sell their technology/product
  • Be acquired (technology, product or company)