What is the Best Patent Strategy for your Business?

More so than ever before, today’s high tech business must ensure its patent strategy is in complete lock step with its business strategy and execution plan.Do you understand why you are developing patents and how they will be utilized to drive business success? Do you have a plan to maximize return on the patent investment costing you hundreds of thousands?

Objectively assessing your patent strategy will provide:

  • Business level assessment of patent strategy and pay back.
  • Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of the Portfolio.
  • The strategy that will best add value to:
    • Business valuation for M&A or IPO.
    • Competitive capability.
    • Business revenues and patent monetization potential.
    • Business strategy interlocking with Patent Strategy.
    • Patent Monetization, Debt & Equity Financing.
  • Options to increase business profitability.
    • Licensing, selling or patent backed financing.

The results of a patent strategy assessment may prove useful in strategic decision making with investors,boards and M&A or during the raising of capital, such as an initial public offering (IPO).

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