High Tech companies can generate revenue via selling their products of course but also via:

1) patent monetization

2) technology monetization

Patent Monetization

Patent Monetization may comprise several methods which are compared here:

  • Divesting their patent or applications yet retaining the right to practice the inventions in their products through a grant back license.
  • Divesting technology assets with or without the relevant patents
  • Licensing their patents
  • Using their Patents as collateral to raise financing for business operations or for licensing/litigation

Patent Monetization Approaches Compared

Patent Funding Compared


Technology Monetization

Frequently companies find they want to license their technology to other providers who are highly capable of taking it to market or they might want to completely divest (sometimes spin out) their technology.

There may be a strong desire to deploy a licensing or divestment model for their technology. Kanzatec’s experienced operating executives are able to help achieve either licensing or divestment (e.g. M&A) objectives through a depth of experience and a breadth of network that spans not only patents/IP but corporate development and business unit executives across a variety of high tech firms.