Investing in IP

The Basic Steps to Creating an IP Investment Plan

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  • Understanding the corporate business strategy and aligning the IP strategy with the corporate business strategy (also influencing it upwards)
  • Analyzing the state of the current portfolio and assess where there is sufficiency and where there may be gaps relative to current strategy. E.g. Assess what markets and technologies are covered and which are not and where are the markets headed and where is the portfolio headed or needs to be heading?
  • What markets are the top movers relative to your company’s future opportunity assessments and how do these align with acquisition and licensing plans
  • Gather inputs and data from all key stakeholders and sources (secondary, primary research, reports, existing corporate data) including licensing and lines of business
  • Identifying future opportunities, gaps and assessment of return on investment


  • Creation of an acquisition plan and roadmap based on identified priorities – include performance measures
  • Understand the key high potential markets and align these with acquisition targeting plans
  • Understand criteria to apply and decision making process to make acquisitions
  • Obtain approval on the acquisition plan and iterate with inputs


  • Develop a tactical execution based engine to make timely, relevant and wise acquisitions in alignment with the roadmap and business plan.
  • Ensure the decision support system is in place to make decisions rapidly
  • Put metrics in place to measure performance and continuously monitor and iterate