Investment in IP for operating companies

Operating companies have a strong desire to produce a strategic return on their IP investment. This investment may comprise the following:

  • An acquisition of patents in an area where the company possesses few patents and requires to fill an IdeaGap™.
  • An investment or strategic alliance in a key technology whether it be software or hardware that differentiates an operating company’s current product offering or adds an offering to target a growing or new market.
  • The acquisition of a key technology or business that expands the operating company’s reach adding to increased market share or profits or revenues or all of the above.

Kanzatec’s senior consultants are well equipped to help your company search for and scout out appropriate technologies and IP for investment and acquisitions purposes. We have worked for a number of F500 and smaller high tech investor operating companies to research, locate/scan, offer, negotiate and help close strategically significant investments and acquisitions.

For operating company executives wishing to invest strategically in IP see here

Investment in IP for Investors

We have implemented patent investment strategies for several investors who have desired a financial return on their investment.

This return may be created through Kanzatec bringing investors and IP owners together and helping negotiate an agreement for mutual benefit of the parties concerned. Examples:

  • Investment in a company or technology
  • Acquisition of a patent portfolio for future sale, licensing or development (prosecution)
  • Investment in a licensing program or litigation undertaken by other industry players

For investors wishing to invest in IP for financial returns please contact us