Intellectual property encourages innovation and rewards entrepreneurs, drives economic growth and competitiveness, creates and supports good jobs, protects consumers and families, and helps generate breakthrough solutions to global challenges. We help companies maximize their utilization of IP. We provide monetization, strategy and investment services.

Representative projects include:

  • Developed an IP strategy for high tech firms
  • Created a large scale patent acquisition program for a G200 high tech global corporation
  • Provided strategic support to several start-ups to help assess the value of their intellectual property and determine potential buyers.
  • Helped a communications technology hardware firm to realize several millions in income from selling of unwanted patents.
  • Developed a sales plan for a large mid-western company and generated over $5M from its intellectual property assets.
  • Identified IP that seemed non-strategic and helped owners realize the true worth
  • Acquired and actively monetized numerous patent portfolios in various information technology sector companies


Our experts have monetized over 10,000 high-tech patents in the last five years including sale, licensing, patent loans.


More than ever before, today’s high tech business must ensure that its patent strategy is in complete lock step with its business strategy.


Strengthen and protect your business by investing in intellectual property. To maximize your portfolio benefits, proactive patent and technology acquisition is a critical tool.