Patents for Sale

Patent Sales in Action:

Below is a subset of some of the patents that Kanzatec is currently selling:

3M Projection portfolio

3M LED portfolio

Digital Handwriting Recognition Patent Offering Revised 4-15-14

E-Commerce – Ecomm2 portfolios for sale August 2014

Secure Storage Portfolio for Sale V2

E-Commerce – Ecomm1 Portfolio for sale

Video Streaming – ViewCast Patent Portfolio 2013 Datasheet V5

Medical DNA Diagnostics – Geneasys Patent Overview

E-Trading Commodities – Future Freight Patent Portfolio 1-8-14

Patent Datasheet Translation Science LLC Patent Offering Revised V2

Patent sales opportunities are provided with introductory materials that highlight exemplary patents and all analyses are available post NDA.

Patents being sold may have certain encumbrances that are not available for sharing due to restrictions imposed by existing licensees. Such patents are in the minority.