Patent Acquisition Process – Acquiring patents

Kanzatec has set up and assisted in the management of several patent acquisition programs for Global 1000 clients. An example of how the qualification process works is shown below.ACQUISITION process

The acquisition process starts with a basic triage mechanism that creates three streams:

  1. Further qualify
  2. Pass/reject
  3. Unclear – may need further investigation

Most of the important assets should pass through stream 1 and the majority of assets reviewed will go into stream 2. A very few portfolios may sit on the fence for a while until a definitive conclusion, assisted by further data and possibly a subjective business call diverts it into stream 1 or stream 2.

Stream 1 assets are then subjected to the qualification gates across the business, technical and legal spectra.

At Kanzatec we have advised major corporations on their IP acquisition and divestment strategies and have also helped them to execute patent and technology, IP acquisitions. We can therefore help you to define an IP Investment Group Plan including an acquisition plan outlining the business returns and justification around specific, high return investment targets and develop a roadmap to systematically execute the plan.

Patent Acquisition

Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

A successful IP Investment Group (IIG) that provides maximum value to the corporation’s products and business units through insightful, timely, well prioritized and well aligned patent acquisitions

  • Must understand the market landscape and its dynamics
  • Must understand the competitors and their IP strategy
  • Must understand the product and business strategy and develop IP strategy
  • IP Investment group (IIG) must align with overall business and IP strategy
  • Must create a patent acquisition plan that operates based on known priorities and can execute rapidly
  • IIG must be able to execute the most important patent acquisitions at a rapid speed as timeliness is a competitive advantage and can lead to cost savings as well as keeping competitors away from good opportunities
  • IIG must be built to enable protection, defense, offense and optimal Return On Intellectual Property
  • IIG must have a roadmap, strong processes and decision making rationale with pre-approved spending limits that aids rapid decision making
  • IIG must be able to well identify and respond to important patent acquisition opportunities rapidly

We have deep experience of creating bespoke patent and technology acquisition programs for medium sized and some of the largest public companies and welcome a chance to discuss your needs.