Incubator for High Tech Companies

Kanzatec’s HIP – High-tech Incubator Program

Kanzatec IP Group’s HIP business incubator helps high tech startups with existing, proven products (pre-series A and post series A) get deeper market traction, revenues, investment, and succeed in their corporate goals.

We help HIP companies in our program in three broad categories

1) test the market and generate revenue, including seeking investment,

2) provide/connect with staff/expertise in a number of important corporate functions from CFO and Legal to CMO and

3) connect with consultants to help in peripheral corporate needs such as relocation or HR recruitment, benefits program assistance.

Revenue and funding assistance

  1. Investment from strategic as well as financial investors
  2. IP Strategy and Monetization – using Patents to generate income
  3. Sales/Market Engagement and Go To Market Program

Specialist corporate staff/functions:

  • HR
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Engineering

Other Corporate Needs

  • Location/relocation
  • Corporate Insurance, medical
  • Corporate operations – payroll, recruitment, benefits

 Typical business incubator domains

  • Networking
  • Data management including Big Data
  • Mobile
  • Social media
  • Web software
  • Information Management
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Medical diagnostics (remote, home, monitoring)

Incubator Attributes  - Business Incubation Program